Why CZone for your vehicle?

Simplify the management of your vehicles. Operating a fleet of operationally specific vehicles is a complex activity. Personnel training, operational efficiency and purpose-built capability can become considerable considerations for any fleet. Improve operational efficiency and increase standardisation in key operation fleet vehicles. Review system alarms for logging and maintenance. Ensure uninterrupted power supply during operational deployment. Simplify control with Modes to aid Staff Training.

Deploy on scene quickly with Modes

CZone's Mode functions are perfect for large emergency vehicles and command stations. Deploy on scene quicker by automating start-up functions based on predefined configurations. Configure 'On Scene' Mode to deploy vehicle stabilisers, extend side-wall slide-outs, as well as start and maintain generator and onboard house battery supply for onboard electrical systems.

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Operational Efficiency

Standardising your fleet with CZone will help remove procedural complexity with system operation and will protect against operator error. Pre-Configured Modes will ensure personnel can effectively alter the vehicle to meet operational requirements. CZone's USB port upgrade functionality will allow the same configuration or update to be deployed across the fleet easily to ensure each vehicle contains the same consistent setup.

Maintenance Logging for Alarm Activation

Review system history during maintenance periods. Ensure alarms and system logging are reviewed for fault finding and repairs. Alarm logging across the entire CZone managed electrical system allows personnel to check and identify any power related issues. These can now be effectively reported and actioned, reducing equipment failure and subsequent downtime.

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Redundancy Override

In the case of any electrical or communications failure the CZone system has built-in manual fuse override to ensure operation can continue during operational activities.

Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS)

CZone's Integration with Mastervolt's Inverter / Charger and Lithium-Ion Batteries offers a comprehensive UPS Solution ensuring continual power supply in the event of generator shut-down, whether by gear failure or routine refuel for extended deployments.

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Online Resources

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