Why CZone for your vehicle?

Larger recreational vehicles host complex onboard electrical systems to provide the user with functionality from broad integration for control and monitoring of multiple vehicle systems, to automation of key functions such as power management and storage, and to provide the user with a simple clean and friendly interface.

Challenge the open road

Challenge the open road and become independent with the power of CZone. Manage DC power supplies from the vehicles alternator or roof mounted solar. Balance power demand against the available supply and automatically shed load by turning off non-essential appliances and systems and extend the endurance of your onboard batteries until the next opportunity to charge.

Manage battery supply without getting caught out

Monitor battery storage level and their charging supply source. Use Load Shedding to automatically reduce power draw on non-essential circuits when batteries become low.

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Complex System Integration

Sleek design and power management integration bring Wade's Diamond Series lap of luxury into the realms of effortless comfort. CZone digital switching offers broad integration with larger systems from AC Power Input and Output to appliances, to HVAC climate control systems.

Full power integration and full control

Wade Equine Coaches deliver customers high-end horse and motor racing support vehicles. The Diamond Series delivers the greatest level of comfort and configurability, and provides a fully integrated CZone solution providing key control and monitoring functionality through a single touch display located in the main living area.

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Modern 5" or 10" displays

Achieve sleek modern styling in your recreational vehicle. Available in both compact 5-inch, or spacious 10-inch for larger applications. Touch 5's built-in wireless connectivity gives you complete wireless control via iPad anywhere in range.

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Wireless control

Achieve complete wireless control using your iPad tablet when connected to any CZone wireless gateway. Have complete control of electrical systems and monitoring oversight from anywhere within range.

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Mode Selection

Transform your vehicles electrical state in a single press on a variety of interfaces, from iPad to push button switch, or intuitive fixed touch screen interface.

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Online Resources

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