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Czone Mobile is a full turn-key cloud and mobile app solution made for OEM’s to enhance the boating experience for their customers both on and off the water.

Engage your Customers with your own branded app

Our end-to-end digital platform service enables OEMs to strengthen their customer relationships through a personalized and branded experience featuring your brand.

Deepen your relationships with your Customers

Access powerful real-time data accessible directly from the Cloud service or website portal and integrate further into your systems, such as SalesForce.

Personalized experience on and off the boat

Connect your customers with an immersive experience including monitoring boat location, engine data, battery and fuel levels, and bilge status.

Czone Mobile also provides valuable instructional content, marine weather forecasts, trip tracking and more.

Local and remote system monitoring & control

Local and remote system monitoring & control of key systems with the addition of the Connect 1, and the ability to retrofit existing CZone® architecture.

Seamless experience

Fully configurable turn-key system inclusive of on-board IoT hardware, cloud integration and a branded mobile app.

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