CZone digital switching offers peace-of-mind by consolidating system information and presenting alarms when things aren't right.

Monitor tank level senders, gas or temperature sensors, low power source voltage or reversed polarity. CZone's advanced monitoring ability means no irregularity in the system goes by without you knowing about it.

System Alarms

Keep alerted to major system events with onboard alarm notifications. Alarms can alert you to potential issues before they happen, such as a high level bilge or low battery.



CZone has partnered with Sentinel Marine Solutions to bring the control and monitoring of your system from the boat or vehicle and put it in your hands, anywhere you can get data coverage.

This includes bilge pump alerts, circuit activation, position movements or any other function you may need while away from your system.


Load Shedding & Trigger Functions

Not only will CZone do a great job about showing you faults with circuits or components on the system, but specific actions can be programmed to handle certain faults automatically without requiring the user.

Load Shedding is used when power stores become low to attempt to extend the endurance of the system before recharge or complete shutdown. CZone will turn off non-essential circuits to reduce the load draw and increase how long the system will have sufficient power.

Trigger functions is where CZone takes an action when a certain set of criteria is met. Trigger functions are highly configurable and can be set to handle simple actions or complex actions.

Vessel or Vehicle Specific Schematic Layout

Using CZone's unique Favourites Tool, system designers can import plan view layout or schematic drawings and located key circuits in the location they appear on board. Faults with that circuit will display in that location so the user can quickly identify the item or circuit at fault and investigate it.

Online Resources

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