System Alarms

Keep alerted to major system events with onboard alarm notifications.

Alarms can alert you to potential issues before they happen, such as the presence of reverse polarity on your AC Mains Power Source, or when the capacity of part of your system reaches a trigger point.

Alarms are available for a wide variety of system functions, from Fresh Water Tank levels becoming depleted, to House Battery supply voltage dropping.

Never miss an alarm

Alerts will pop-up with key details about the alarm no matter where in the CZone menu you are. Alerts can be acknowledged to silence them, while a full list of active alarms will remain in the Alarms History panel.

Critical alarms, even if acknowledged, will reappear after 10 minutes and remain persistent until the issue has been resolved.

Alarm Logging

Alarm Logging will display and record up to 100 alarm occurrences to ensure successful diagnosis of system problems during servicing periods.

Alarm Types & Severity
Where immediate action is necessary to avoid damage and/or a failure of a system. With a pop-up dialogue and audible tone it's hard to miss any critical alert. The alarm will return in 10 minutes after acknowledgment until the fault is remedied.
Important alarms identify something that needs investigation before trying to operate it again. This alarm will give you an audible tone and pop-up dialogue on-screen. Once acknowledged it'll remain active in the CZone's Active Alarms page until the fault is resolved.
Standard level alarms identify an issue that may or may soon cause an issue for operation. Once acknowledged the pop-up dialogue will disappear.
Warnings indicate a minor issue or advisory about the system. This may or may not impact the system with any significance. Once acknowledged the pop-up dialogue will disappear.

Cycle Counts

Monitor the number of times a circuit has been triggered, whether it is a manual or automatic activation. Understand if a bilge pump is running too frequently and if there may be a potential water leak into the vessel which needs to be investigated.

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